Robots invade Paris at Innorobo 2016!

Europe’s leading international robotics event, Innorobo, now in its sixth year, opened its doors on Tuesday for the first time in Paris. Open to industry professionals and casual visitors alike, the passionate and curious can venture into this unique ecosystem of cutting-edge technology and robotic inventions bringing together professionals from across the sector, including research labs, startups and backers of innovative projects.

The event provides a unique showcase for state-of-the-art robotics technologies, featuring conferences with renowned experts as well as a host of workshops. This year’s robot stars include Socibot, which talks and sings, Nao, a robotic dancer and storyteller, Buddy, a companion robot that can keep an eye on your house when you’re away, and Sheldon, a fully automated butler!

This high-tech innovative trade show also highlights the fantastic opportunities heralded by this sector in France, underpinned by high-quality research, outstanding training programs, and great entrepreneurial spirit.

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